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Maximize benefits of machine learning development

MLOps empowers engineers and data scientists to create production-quality ML models

MLOps is a collection of tools and methodologies that maximize the potential benefits of machine learning development. Instead of getting different answers from different data scientists on how to implement machine learning (ML), MLOps processes provide the systemization and unification of the development of projects, which increase security, governance, and compliance. MLOps technologies automate repetitive tasks like training a production model or deploying solutions into production and at the same time bring business interest back to the forefront of ML.

Modernization Assessment

MLOps is more than just a set of technologies

Cloud Launchpad

Whether you're building your MLOps process on Azure, AWS or GCP, the aim of running AI platforms as best as possible are the same.

MLOps is more than a CI/CD process

Derived from DevOps, MLOps is a combination of tools and ways of working that are unique to each business.

MLOps Consulting

It's vital to invest early to make the best MLOps decisions that can potentially save you millions.

MLOps Implementation and Operational Support

Because creating reliable production operational ML infrastructure and components takes a lot of work, get experts on your side!

SEYA Group provides expert evaluation and guidance to improve your ML development and de-risk implementation details

Being both experienced ML practitioners and MLOps experts, we advise organizations both large and small and operate across the world including Europe, the UK, and USA and have helped some of the world’s largest businesses build and operate their AI platforms that make MLOps a priority. There is a huge number of potential options to choose from, and the list is growing. Being independent, we work with all cloud and MLOps vendors. We also promote the use of open-source alternatives where possible. Most importantly, we tailor our approach to your unique needs and requirements. We deliver fully self-managed incremental product improvements, which unburdens your team and shortens development timelines. If desired, our experts can also integrate closely and collaboratively with your ways of working.

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